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Top 10 Penny DVDs

Top 10 Penny DVDs

Tired of paying over-the-top prices to watch movies? Feel like you’re not getting value for money from your cable, satellite or rental package?

Certainly, the “movie viewing at home” industry has seen a lot of competition over the years. The availability of cable, satellite, the Internet, high-street rentals and even DVD rentals through the post has all contributed to increased competition and better deals for the customer.

However, these viewing options all come with their own unique pros and cons: some come with monthly subscriptions (regardless of whether you make use of the service), some with fines if you’re late returning a movie (sometimes making you wish you hadn’t even rented in the first place), while other online options are not that cheap and cost you in bandwidth.

So where are the best deals to be had? Interestingly enough, some of the cheapest movies available are those being sold second hand on Amazon and eBay. DVDs are light, which makes them cheap to post. In addition to this, people selling their used DVDs online face strong competition from other sellers, which tends to drive prices down.

The fixed-rate postage costs allocated to a seller on Amazon still leaves room for a profit, even if the DVD is sold for a penny. On eBay the seller can set their own price for shipping. In both cases, people can sell movies they’ve watched, at rock-bottom prices and still make some money back, which is good news for people interested in buying them.

The price of used DVDs in the secondary market on Amazon or eBay are sometimes very hard to compete with. Although you can’t search by price on Amazon PennyDVDs.com makes a good job of finding titles listed at just 1 penny. You have to be quick though, as some of these titles get snapped up fast.

As far as eBay goes, you can navigate to the “DVD” category from the home page and then sort by price. Once you’re there click the “Buy it Now” tab and voila! Hundreds if not thousands of titles. Watch out for the shipping charges though. Sellers can set their own which can push the cost to an unreasonable level.

Below are my top 10 Penny DVDs. These are all movies I have seen for a penny on the PennyDVDs.com website. In reverse order…

10. Men In Black II — 2002

An old alien enemy of MIB, a Kylothian named Surleena (disguised as a sexy lingerie model) makes an unauthorized landing near New York. Unable to deal with the threat on his own, Agent Jay (Will Smith), realizes he will need the help of Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) who has since returned to civilian life and has no memory of working at the agency.

9. Hollow Man — 2000

In this invisible man update Kevin Bacon plays a scientist heading up a secret government team attempting to turn life forms invisible. After cracking the code with the lab animals the question is “will it work on humans?” Bacon puts himself forward and becomes the Hollow Man with disastrous results.

8. Doctor Dolittle II — 2001

Eddie Murphy returns to the title role in his second outing as Doctor Dolittle who must save a local forest from corporate villains who want to cut it down. In this movie-for-kids, the Doctor spends much of his time being upstaged by the animals who mange to steal all the punch lines.

7. Friends — Series 9

Hugely popular TV series – large volumes of DVD sales eventually create low resale prices, no exception here. Friends remains hugely popular, new and used. I have seen all 4 volumes from Series 9 listed for a penny each, at various times.

6. Vertical Limit — 2001

In this “movie-for-mountain-climbers” Peter Garrett – who has sworn never to climb again – finds himself involved in the rescue of his sister (Annie Garrett) after she is stranded after an avalanche. The not-so-strong plot is kept moving by the breathtaking climbing action as the characters find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations.

5. Starship Troopers — 1998

Set in the future where you need to do military service to qualify as a Class Citizen (which gives you the right to own property or even have children), this movie follows a group of high school teenagers on a journey that ultimately culminates in them fighting toe-to-toe with giant size insects on a distant planet. The CGI special effects of the arachnids are extremely convincing.

4. Mission Impossible II — 2000

In this visually stunning second Mission Impossible IMF agent Ethan Hunt is called away from his vacation for his latest assignment. He must recover both a deadly virus and its cure stolen by a renegade IMF agent and a gang of terrorists, but first he must recruit the beautiful international thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall to help him.

3. Rambo: First Blood Part II — 1985

While serving time in a federal prison (for the mayhem and destruction caused in the first Rambo movie) John Rambo is visited by former superior Colonel Samuel Troutman. The US military has information suggesting MIA’s from the Vietnam war may still be alive and held captive. Troutman secures Rambo’s release to go in and take pictures, John Rambo has other ideas…

2. Charlie’s Angels — 2000

In this highly successful movie remake of the 1970’s TV show Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu star as the kung-fu fighting secret agents sent to rescue a kidnapped high-tech programmer. Thankfully high heals and tight clothes don’t slow the trio down.

1. Donnie Darko — 2002

Set in 1998 this highly original and darkly comic movie focuses on Donnie, a troubled teenager suffering from schizophrenia. Donnie is repeatedly visited by a 6-foot rabbit named Frank. Guided by Frank, Donnie narrowly misses being killed when a jet engine falls from a plane and crashes through his house. The mystery only deepens around this extraordinary event when it becomes apparent that the aviation authority has no record of any plane losing an engine.

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