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Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly When Sending Parcels Internationally

Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly When Sending Parcels Internationally

A lot of people are becoming more concerned about our effect on the environment with many households now having mandatory recycling programs as well as a lot more awareness of ways we can save energy or reduce our carbon footprint. One of the biggest targets for eco warriors is the use of aircraft which can be very harmful to the environment, especially considering how many jet planes fly across the sky every day.

Sending a parcel internationally though is something that we may have to send via the air and the airplane is the most efficient with regards to time but isn’t so good in ecological efficiency. There are ways in which we can ensure our business or personal use parcel can be sent but with a reduced impact on the environment.

Firstly, packaging your parcel, cardboard is the preferred material to use when packaging any objects for shipping, you should aim for cardboard boxes that are made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. If you are struggling to find suitable boxes then consider repurposing a shoebox or any other cardboard box to suit the item you need to send.

Packaging insulation will normally be done with plastics or polystyrene but a good way to save money on parcel insulation as well as ensure you are reusing materials you already have is to use shredded or crumpled up newspaper. This is a great insulator especially for fragile items such as glass or porcelain.

Sending a parcel with quick delivery time demands will typically mean the parcel is sent by aircraft, making sure that you have plenty of time before your item is due to be sent will mean you can send it earlier, saving money but also allowing the parcel company to send it either via less urgent, energy friendly methods such as by land or sea which is believed to be a more eco friendly travel method.

If you are a business then sending parcels individually can use up more energy especially if you are using a courier that collects your parcel in a van or car. Gathering your business post together as well as grouping parcels is a more efficient way for sending important business material. If you group your parcels together into a consignment then you could even get a discount from the courier to help reduce your shipping costs.

There are plenty of worldwide couriers as well as overnight delivery couriers each able to handle any parcel delivery need you may have, check online to find the best deals available.

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