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How to Become a Pilot – How to Get Your Pilot’s License With Flying Colours?

How to Become a Pilot? Let’s discover the answer.Just dream, everyday wake up early in the morning and get ready to go to your most beautiful office in the world and your job is to fly through the milky clouds and spectacular sights and brightest sunshine.Imagine, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go rent a plane on the weekends and go for a leisurely flight with your friends and family into amazing locations for fishing, hunting, camping and sightseeing?There is nothing like the feeling of flying, being in control of a big gigantic plane, passing people, mountains, rivers, forests over 30000 feet sitting in your comfortable cockpit.This is many people’s dream along with one big question in their mind How to Become a Pilot”?Let’s not kid ourselves, the reason so many people are reluctant to commit to something like obtaining a pilot’s license is, it is not a cheap hobby and it is not an easy hobby. Pilot training can cost several thousand dollars, it can take months before you are ready to get your own plane and fly solo.There are certain pilot’s license requirements involving facts which I have mentioned below for a quick refer to, this might help to take the first step towards “Becoming a Pilot”.
  • Eligibility: As directed by FAA the candidates should 17 years old and he or she should have a 3rd class medical certificate, this might differ in different countries.
  • Expenses: The private aviation is often seen as a luxury given only to the rich. Luckily, this is not the case, scholarships and educational loans are not just for the scholarly. There are many organizations vigorously involved in funding new aspiring pilots. Just keep an eye and an ear open, be on the lookout for good deals on flight training and be on the lookout for ways to secure funding for your training.
  • Instructor or School: There are, you are likely to find maybe a half a dozen different instructors or schools. It may seem like a hassle trying to narrow it down. You should prepare yourself with a basic checklist of requirements for selecting your flight or school.
  • Reputation.
  • Distance from home.
  • Facilities.
  • Price.
  • Experience of the instructor(s).
  • Passing Your Tests: There are actually a few different tests you will need to take, including your final exams. However I have listed out some of the tests conducted in the training.
  • Trail Instructional flight.
  • PR-Solo, PR-Area Solo, and B.A.K – Exam.
  • Aircraft Exam.
  • Written and Practical Tests.
However, I would like to mention, the above mentioned points or the topics are not inclusive of all the points and is no training course for passing your pilot’s exams. Rather, the purpose of this article is to equip you with the right attitude, the right information, and the right way to approach getting your pilot’s license.

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